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    Noorain Ali

    “As well as managing Mind Cafe newsletters, he also writes a daily newsletter called “Daily Needle,” where he shares secrets to a better life. He constantly publishes and gives bite-sized self-improvement information on Twitter/Linkedin.

    Most times, his tweets concerning life drift me into deep thinking and make me search for the answer within myself. With his words, Bryan’s natural ability to make people feel at ease and tranquil is evident.

    There is a wealth of information in his articles about travel, self-help, books, and everything else a person could hope to achieve in life.”

    Sean Kernan

    “Bryan is a great editor and a reliable source of feedback. He is responsive, a great listener, and diligent with his work. I recommend his services unequivocally.”

    Tim Denning

    “Bryan is the editor of Mind Cafe where I write self-improvement articles. He’s able to edit and turn around content fast.

    He also knows the rules of the game – like when to post, what’s likely to do well, and how to help a writer like me get to the point.

    Online writing is very different to traditional publishing and he gets it.”

    Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

    “It’s a delight to work with Bryan under is editorial leadership at Mind Cafe.

    He’s polite and delivers feedback where necessary.

    He’s a patient editor who knows his writer and their audience well.”

    Matt Lillywhite

    “Bryan is one of the best editors on Medium. He’s patient, attentive, and genuinely wants writers to succeed.”