Bryan Dijkhuizen

6 Self-Help Books Great Entrepreneurs Read

Reading is incredibly valuable. I don’t believe we get that taught in school enough nowadays. We’re just focused on having to read a book for school. But wouldn’t it be great if we really wanted to read some interesting books? Self-help books, philosophy, history, psychology, and there are so many more that are teaching us […]

5 Fantastic Books to Give for Christmas in 2022

It’s almost Christmas. People find it hard to find a perfect gift for me. Usually, I tell them to buy a book or something that I can consume. I haven’t read as many books as I wanted to in 2022, but I own a lot of books. Books are a popular gift at Christmas because […]

Read These Five “Self-Help” Books in 2023

How many books did you read? And how many of them were self-help books? Self-help books have gained enormous amounts of popularity in the last couple of years. That’s why there are so many nowadays. But I think it’s important to stick with a couple that holds a lot of value, especially in 2023. Here […]

If You Only Want To Read 5 Books About Mindfulness, Read These

Remember mindfulness was something they used to laugh about? That time is over and everybody should be into it. Taking control of your body, mind, and mindset is something very important in the digital era where everything is pre-set and we’re slowly disconnecting from ourselves. With mindfulness, we can restore that connection and repair our […]