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Do this when your mind is stuck

My mind is stuck. The summer is usually a time when you get happy and do the greatest things. But afterward, it’s usually a difficult time. I’ve already written a newsletter about the ​”past-summer-dip”​, so I’m not doing that again. This newsletter is about being out of inspiration, and motivation, and not knowing where you […]

How to break the “After Summer Depression”

How was your summer? Mine was good, I ​went to Switzerland to relax​, ​hike​, and take a ​lot of beautiful photos.​ In the middle of our trip, I started coughing and had a sore throat. No big deal you might think, but after we got back home it got worse and I’m still kind of […]

Are you red-pilled?

Did you take the red pill? Or are you still stuck in society? And I don’t mean that in any extremist way you see on the internet lately. Call me moderate but I don’t want to push my ideas to others. Let yourself live. That’s what I’m interested in. Is everybody allowed to do whatever […]

Without pain, there are no gains

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I only got conscious of life in 2018. What I mean is that since around the age of 17/18, I started to think about politics, spirituality, business, and just about myself. I had ​just moved out with my girlfriend​ to an entirely different city and had to think for myself now. That changed me. Imagine […]

The creative threat

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Last week I watched a black mirror episode with my girlfriend. It was called “Metalhead” and I still can’t wrap my head around it. In this episode, 3 people are searching for something and while they enter an apocalyptic warehouse they trigger some robot dog. Before chasing them down, the device sprayed with tracking devices […]

Digital distractions are ruining your potential

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Hey friends, it’s Bryan from Rewire Yourself! Welcome to another edition of the Newsletter. In this edition we’re going to be taking a look at the following topics: Meditation Habits The art of breathwork is being able to reach a flow state where you’re only breathing and lose track of time. I want to quickly share the […]

The Reversed Wim Hof Method

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Have you heard of Wim Hof? You must have if you follow me longer than a week. I’ve published several pieces about the Wim Hof Method and how that improved a lot of things in my life. As he states on his website: “The Wim Hof Method can be defined by its simple, easy-to-apply approach […]

4 Platforms That Pay You (and how to use them)

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Hi friends, this is Bryan from Medium and Newsbreak. In today’s Rewire Yourself, I want to do something completely different. I’ll tell you about 4 platforms on the internet that are free to use and will pay you (if you use them well). Let’s just dive into it, shall we? 1. Medium Medium is a […]

The introvert’s perspective on labels

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This will be a Monday wake-up email. Introverts are one of the groups suffering from labels. I’m part of that group. Labels like: Introvert, Extrovert, Autistic, Shy, and much more might or will not apply to everybody in that specific group. Let me tell you a secret about us: we don’t care about your labels. […]

Are You Afraid to Learn?

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People Are Afraid to Fail: Unlocking the Courage to Learn Failure. It’s a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many. Society often conditions us to view failure as a negative outcome, something to be avoided at all costs. As a result, people become afraid to take risks, hesitant to step out of their […]