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5 Life Lessons from Confucius to Be Calmer

5 Life Lessons from Confucius to Be Calmer

Today’s world is stressed. It’s almost more difficult to keep your calm than don’t. How can we navigate this journey toward peace effectively? Confucius, a Chinese philosopher whose teachings continue to resonate in the modern world, can help. This article dives into six brilliant quotes by Confucius that illuminate the path toward inner peace, harmonious […]

Laozi’s 5 Life-Changing Pearls of Wisdom to Find Inner Peace

Laozi's 5 Life-Changing Pearls of Wisdom to Find Inner Peace

Everyone has their flaws. Mine is to be very good at overthinking about the simplest things possible like talking to every human being I encounter. Isn’t that stupid? Especially knowing that it doesn’t get you any further. You only realize these things after they happened. You feel so stupid if they happen, you imagine and […]

How To Start Living a Mindful Life (After Being Stressed For Years)

How To Start Living a Mindful Life (After Being Stressed For Years)

I’ve had stress. Still do. It’s a feeling that never goes away, stress will haunt you. You can mask it but never delete it from your system. It’s terrible. You thought after high school that you would live the life of your dreams and be free of stress. Usually, the opposite is true.  People tend […]

Isaac Newton: 5 Quotes That Will Make You Question the Big Things in Life

Isaac Newton is an English scientist that’s famous for many reasons. In 1679, he discovered the laws of gravity and that was an incredible achievement for science. But he’s been asking a lot of questions as well. Questions that can make us think. On Wikipedia, he’s described as a “Natural Philosopher”. Here are 5 quotes […]

Simone de Beauvoir: 5 Quotes That Will Rewire Your Brain

History is full of inspiring philosophers. Many are men, but not many female philosophers aren’t shown in history books. For example, have you heard of Simone de Beauvoir? She was born into a wealthy family but that doesn’t mean she didn’t care for justice back in the day. She went to the University of Paris […]

5 Stoic Practises That Will Help You Understand The Power Of Focus

I just finished reading “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. For anyone interested in philosophy, stoicism, or any other kind of personal development, I’d recommend it. It’s a really easy way of getting a grasp of what his intentions were. There’s a lot of vagueness to this book. You’ll need to interpret a lot of it yourself […]

4 Things You Stop Doing Once You Start Applying Stoic Philosophy

Do you what Stoicism is? “It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.” — Marcus Aurelius The Stoics determined their life to live based on knowledge. I’ve been studying Stoicism for a while now and tried to practice some of the wonderful practices from the ancient Roman era. […]

5 Quotes About Existence That Can Make You Doubt Yours

What do you think of your life? Do you feel like you have a purpose? Many philosophers have thought about this topic for decades and with time, life has only gotten more complicated than we wanted it to be. We’re trapped in a society that nobody wants to be part of. It’s time to reset […]