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Figure Out Your Path By Setting Your Goals Using These 4 Techniques

Figure Out Your Path By Setting Your Goals Using These 4 Techniques

Purpose is the thing that keeps us together. Without a proper purpose, we’re very valuable to getting depressed, going crazy, or don’t feel good anymore. When you’re feeling low in energy, or don’t have any life goals or further ambition, you lack a purpose — you don’t set long-term goals either. In this article, I’ll share 4 […]

5 Forgotten Productivity Hacks That Improve Your Efficiency Rate

Do you know how to be as productive as you possibly could? It’s been a year since I published “7 Habits To Adapt In 2022 To Increase Productivity”. My point of view on productivity has changed a little. Not because of the methods, but because of the importance of productivity. You don’t always have to […]

5 Items That I Always Carry With Me

I’m the kind of person that will always carry his laptop with him. Yes, really. It doesn’t matter where I go (obviously not to the supermarket), I want to be prepared for if I need to do some work out of the blue. Getting prepared well before leaving the house helps to stay organized. If […]

7 Habits To Adapt In 2022 To Increase Productivity

2021 has been quite a year. Lockdowns, vaccines and new lockdowns. It undoubtedly hasn’t improved our productivity compared to last year. My new year’s resolutions always vaguely disappear as the champagne is gone on January 1st. I usually try to work out more, get more work done, and more of that. But this year, I […]

4 Essential Productivity Habits That You Need, To Work From Home

Working from home is here to stay, and for a little while as well. Some people love it, some people hate it, and I’m not a big fan of it either, but once you start getting more productive, it will become much more fun. What is productivity exactly? I’m convinced that everybody can have their […]