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We Discovered an Old Roman City in Lyon

We Discovered an Old Roman City in Lyon

Back in August, my sister and I visited Switzerland and saw the most beautiful nature and landscapes. You can read about some of that here. We went to Geneva, which is the second most populous city in Switzerland and lies near Lac Léman (Lake of Geneva). In this city and part of Switzerland, they speak […]

5 Things I Always Carry When I’m Traveling

5 Things I Always Carry When I'm Traveling

Next week I’m going to Switzerland. Embarking on a 8–10 hour train ride can be exhausting and it usually is so having to worry about other things isn’t something that I’d recommend. Those things usually include packing stress about: In this article, I’ll share my top 5 things always carry when I’m traveling. 1 — Different Kinds […]

Why I Choose Switzerland Over Any Other Country

Around this time in April, we were preparing for our journey to Switzerland. The first time my sister traveled alone with me. We first planned on going to the Scottish Highlands. But unfortunately, that wasn’t possible because don’t have passports, only ID Cards. I knew that Switzerland was quite accecible with 8 hours of train […]

You Will Love These Things About Switzerland (and So Do I)

I took several weeks this year to travel to Switzerland. It’s something I like to do. Visiting the country of the big mountains, blue lakes, and delicious cheese. The first time I visited Switzerland in 2017, we made a pitstop in Bedretto on our way to Italy. In the middle of the mountains of Ticino, […]

18 Lessons I Learned From Traveling in 2022

You know I love traveling. It’s exhausting and fulfilling at the same time and you will learn a lot of things. This year alone I’ve been to Brussels, Zürich, Interlaken, Bern, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald, Montreux, and a whole lot more places. On the internet I see a lot of cliches about traveling and how it makes […]

Traveling Through Switzerland at 21 Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

Most people between 16–25 go party every night like it’s the summer of ’69. Not us. My sister and I went on a trip through Switzerland and Austria in April/May of this year to prepare her for her final exams of the year (she graduated). It was the best decision of the year. Ever since […]

7 Places To Visit When You’re Going on an Alps Roadtrip

Change of plans, my sister and I are not visiting Scotland this May. Instead, we plan on going on an Alps road trip by train using the Interrail Pass. So now we’re wondering where we should go. In this article, I’ll discover the most beautiful places in the Alps and share them with you. So […]

5 Best Cities To Visit in Tuscany

When I visited Tuscany in 2017 I immediately fell in love with the ocean. I remember thinking: “this is what I needed after a year of no vacation”. One day I’ll go back. Many people love to visit Tuscany every year. From the olive trees to the beautiful oceans and beaches. Tuscany is loved by […]

5 Places To Visit in the Scottish Highlands

This spring, my sister and I are planning to visit Scotland, and to be more specific: the Scottish Highlands. We love nature and Scotland is the perfect place to go for. We intend to book a hotel in Aberdeen and then visit the highlands by train. In this article, I’ll cover seven places in the […]