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4 Platforms That Pay You (and how to use them)

Hi friends, this is Bryan from Medium and Newsbreak.

In today’s Rewire Yourself, I want to do something completely different. I’ll tell you about 4 platforms on the internet that are free to use and will pay you (if you use them well).

Let’s just dive into it, shall we?

1. Medium

Medium is a platform that you probably already know is paying you for your writing but for those who aren’t familiar with it, I’ll shortly explain what it does.

It’s a platform for individual bloggers and writers where they can publish their articles and essays. Medium is unique in that it is designed to promote quality over quantity, with a focus on providing a platform for deep, insightful content.

Or at least that’s what it’s trying to do.

Two of the best things about Medium are the clean editor and the community.

How to start earning on Medium

Starting to write on Medium is easy. Just create an account and start publishing your posts.

If you want to start earning you’ll need 100 followers and submit the partner program application form before you will.

You can start here.

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2. Newsbreak

Just like Medium, this is a platform for writers.

But Newsbreak mainly focuses on local content in the USA. That will do well and there are plenty of opportunities out there.

How to start earning on Newsbreak

You need 100 registered followers and 10 published articles before you can submit the application form for monetization. But if you get a couple of well-performing articles, that will be no problem.

Sign up here.

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3. Gumroad – Sell your products

A little bit different from Medium and Newsbreak is Gumroad. It’s a digital marketplace.

How to start earning on Gumroad

Before you can actually earn money on Gumroad you need to have a product. Can be physical, digital, or anything. As long as people want to buy it.

Let’s say you have a template for Notion, a website, or a logo that you want to sell, do it on Gumroad and start earning today.

4. Substack – Sell paid newsletters

Another writing platform? Yes.

Substack is the easiest way to create and monetize your newsletter. You can just write in there (just like Medium) beautiful editor and hit publish.

You can promote your newsletter manually by spreading links all over the internet. But you can also do it through the substack network and the notes platform.

How to start earning on Substack

It’s quite easy.

Just turn on Paid Subscriptions and you’re good to go. Now you just need people that want to pay for your newsletter. So you better make it good.

Put The Work In

As with all money that has been ever made, you need to put the work in.

Without a consistent plan, you’ll not be able to make any money. Things have to grow, just like your e-mail list. If you don’t collect your audience’s e-mails you’re missing out on a lot.

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Have a great week!


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