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Digital distractions are ruining your potential

Hey friends, it’s Bryan from Rewire Yourself!

Welcome to another edition of the Newsletter. In this edition we’re going to be taking a look at the following topics:

  • Meditation habits: using the Headspace app
  • Digital distractions: set up your phone to be less destructive
  • SEO side hustles: why you should get rid of all expensive tools
  • Finding inner peace: by applying minimalism and Stoicism

Meditation Habits

The art of breathwork is being able to reach a flow state where you’re only breathing and lose track of time.

I want to quickly share the 5 key benefits of meditation in your daily life.

Let’s go.

  • Get rid of stress
  • Learn to reflect on past events
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Gives you the strength to be emotionally heal
  • Makes your sleep better quality

Meditation is well-known for its ability to reduce stress. That’s the main reason I do it — my life is full of stress.

That’s not a flex, it’s the truth.

Why I’m Using Headspace

This is by no means an affiliate post or sponsored post for Headspace, I’m just trying to share my knowledge with you.

But, Headspace offers a very structured type of guided meditation.

It also covers a broad variety of meditation themes including stress relief, focus enhancement, sleep improvement, anxiety management, and mindfulness training.

The things that really help me are:

  • Courses and Single Meditations
  • Sleep Assistance
  • Mindfulness Reminders
  • Progress Tracking

For anyone who, like me, feels the stress of everyday life weighing them down, I highly recommend giving meditation a try, and this app is a great place to start.

Remember, the goal is not to control your thoughts but to stop them from controlling you.

Digital Distractions

Yesterday, I completely redesigned my phone’s home screen. It was just too much to focus on and I got distracted way too often.

That’s what’s killing your productivity. If you constantly see those apps you want to endlessly scroll on, you’re not getting any more creative and definitely not productive.

It’s now:

  • Minimalistic
  • Anti-distraction (black background)
  • Only using the essentials on my home screen
  • Pushing me to journal and show gratitude
  • Reminding me what I have to do

This screen is much cleaner and more structured than it used to be. You should really try it.

For my Daily Journal & Gratitude, I use Notion. Do you want me to share Notion templates like habit trackers, gratitude and journaling templates, or others?

SEO Side Hustles

I’ve been experimenting with SEO lately.

Starting a niche blog is very exciting but I didn’t know any affordable tools to use for keyword research. I stumbled upon Ubersugest, SemRush and Ahrefs – but for starting bloggers, RankIQ is clearly the best.

It’s designed for bloggers. Not for advertisers and all topics and keywords have been researched by the best, according to their CEO.

It’s only $49 per month which is a lot less than Semrush’s $130 and Ahrefs’ $89+.

You can sign up through my affiliate link here if you’re interested in using the platform.

Finding inner peace

Everyone has their flaws.

Mine is to be very good at overthinking about the simplest things possible like talking to every human being I encounter. Isn’t that stupid? Especially knowing that it doesn’t get you any further.

You only realize these things after they happened.

You feel so stupid if they happen, you imagine and overthink what you would have said but it doesn’t matter.

One of the things that might help to clear your mind is embracing simplicity.

I’m a writer, but I’m also a software engineer and a tech guy.

That means that finding simplicity is as easy as it’s difficult. The tech world is full of shiny and fancy gadgets. At the same time, the software has to be clean — interfaces can’t be full of fluff.

In my daily life, I need to reduce the amount of fluff.

“Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.”


Recommendation: Subscribe to this amazing Stoic newsletter called “The Stoa Letter” if you care about self-improvement and development and want to learn more about Stoicism.

Have a Great and Productive Summer

After successfully completing my internship last week I now got more time to write again – and that’s what I’ll do the next couple of months.

You can expect a lot of new content in the next weeks.

That’s all for today!

Enjoy your week!

– Bryan

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