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TDN #02: How To Relax Better

Hi friend! How are you doing?

It’s Monday, and that means another newsletter. 

Usually, Sundays are the days when I prepare myself for the next week and do some of the work I don’t want to do on Mondays.

Yesterday I took a little time off to relax and enjoy my spare time.

Something that we should all do a little more often if we got the time. 

How to get better at relaxing?

Some people never relax.

They always seem to be busy working. Never a day off. Always hustling and struggling to make money.

Eventually, they burn out.

Especially young people in post-covid society. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Take your time off.

Relaxing is a skill.

Meditation is a great tool to stop struggling with yourself and stay mindful during the day. 

What about introverts?

Have you ever thought about how the socially inclusive world is for introverted people? I’m one of them and not only that; I’m autistic.

It’s not a bragging right. But it’s just the case.

Which makes it a lot more difficult for me to behave “the expected way” in social situations at work, school, or in the pub. 

It’s gotten better over time, but I’m still struggling. How do you feel about this?

Toxic Productivity is Killing Us

I’ve introduced Toxic Productivity to the world but haven’t really worked it out yet. Let’s make a beginning here.

In “Beating Toxic Productivity in a Hyper-capitalistic World: Transcend toxicity in your life” I try to explain why being overly productive everyday to pursue a career you don’t want is bad.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t become “time efficient”. I’ve written an article about it right here.

But with a disclaimer that you shouldn’t always have to be productive. 

Traveling Relaxes?

I love traveling.

But it doesn’t calm me down. I get excited for the upcoming destination like 6 months ahead and when I’m actually going, I’m stressed for all sorts of things like: train times, hotel check-ins and money.

Switzerland is one of my go-to countries. 

If you ever got the chance to go there: do it.

You won’t regret it.

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