Bryan Dijkhuizen

Reflections on Traveling and the Importance of Positive Thinking

Hey friends! It’s Bryan from Newsbreak and Medium.

I just came back from a trip to Italy and Switzerland. It was beautiful, but also extremely energy-absorbing.

We’re from the Netherlands and we’re only traveling by train. It’s around 9/10 hours to Zürich and then it was 7 hours to Venice. I wouldn’t recommend doing such long train rides again.

I’m exhausted, still.

I never thought that doing something I really loved (traveling) would cause be to physically sick. But it makes sense if you think about it. Being away from home for more than a week and intense traveling every will have effects on your body and mind.

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The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

Is one of the quotes I just in an article that I published on Medium last week.

This quote highlights the importance of focusing on positive and uplifting thoughts to experience greater happiness and fulfillment in life.

If we consistently entertain negative thoughts, we are likely to experience negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, or frustration.

These emotions can have a ripple effect on our behavior and interactions with others, leading to a less fulfilling life.

On the other hand, if we cultivate positive and uplifting thoughts, we are more likely to experience positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, and contentment. These positive emotions can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

One way to cultivate positive thoughts is to practice gratitude. When we focus on the things we are grateful for, we shift our attention away from what we lack and toward what we have.

This can help us feel more content and satisfied with our lives. Another way to cultivate positive thoughts is to engage in activities that bring us joy and fulfillment. This could be spending time with loved ones, pursuing a hobby, or volunteering for a cause we care about.

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