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5 Best Prompts for Chat-GPT If You’re a Content Creator

Hey friends! It’s Bryan from MediumNewsbreak and now… Newspulse.

It’s already been 2 weeks since my girlfriend and I were in Italy and Switzerland and I’m still missing the beautiful landscapes and weather. The Netherlands is so cold.

One thing I noticed is that everything in Switzerland is so freaking expensive.

Obviously, I knew that. I’ve been there a lot, but this time it really blew my mind how a cup of coffee can cost $7, where in Italy, you’re having an Espresso for JUST $1.

It really made me rethink my money strategy. Maybe start investing? I started following the Alts.Co newsletter. These guys analyze the heck out of alternative assetsand you reap the rewards and Eric Seto is doing a great job as well. He helps busy full-time professionals to share some of the mistakes and lessons he learned over the last 10+ years.

Maybe, if we start investing in a good way, we’ll be able to see the beautiful Swiss Lakes again.

(I took that photo myself; no filters)

If you like that photo, check out my Unsplash page over here.

5 Best Prompts for Chat-GPT If You’re a Content Creator

Now let’s get into the good stuff.

I asked Chat-GPT to come up with ideas for my blog using a couple of prompts:

  1. Come up with X topic ideas that are related to [Insert Keyword]
  2. Generate a headline for this article: [insert content] and optimise for SEO, keywords are [“keyword_1”, “keyword_2”, etc…]
  3. Come up with tweet frameworks in the style of [Insert popular twitter user or writer]
  4. Analyse the following article and rewrite it in a more [Insert style] way
  5. What lessons can be learned from [historical event]

Now these prompts might seem a little too generic but trust me, I’ve been using them and they’re helping out a lot. If you want to learn more about GPT and AI, I recommend you subscribing to Neon Pulse, an AI-focussed newsletter learning us all about AI tools and news.

Just take a look and decide for yourself.

Even though I use these AI tools a lot myself lately, I’m still sceptical about the power of it. Most people are already seeing the “Big Threat of AI Taking Over the World!!!”.

I’m not in that group.

I think we should not over-develop these models and put people out of jobs. Maybe use them to do the useless work like filling excel sheets and calculating a lot of things. I’m not doing that either.

What do you think? Let me know on Twitter.

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