Bryan Dijkhuizen

TDN #04: You Don’t Always Get What You Want

What has been keeping me busy? That life treats us the way we treat life.

Years ago I was full of negativity constantly bashing other people in my head and I didn’t see any promising future ahead of me until I started writing online and started reading about the things that people did to improve themselves.

I was introduced to self-improvement. Ryan Holliday influenced me a lot with his books about Stoicism and discipline. 

But also, thoughts about different philosophies have inspired me to think differently about certain things.

One of these things is courage. The book “The Courage to be Disliked” by Ichiro Kishimi opened my mind about traumas, the past, and courage.

The premise is: You Lack Courage.

We’re Consuming the Wrong Things

We’re only reading negativity. 

When we open up the newspaper we only see doom. Nothing pretty around there. Throw it out.

Does that mean we can’t stay updated on societal topics? No. But, you should try to avoid the big companies trying to sell you a story. They need clicks and reads to earn money, so a little alteration of the story could help you click.

Keep that in mind when consuming news.

“The most unliterary reader of all sticks to ‘the news’. He reads daily, with unwearied relish, how, in some place he has never seen, under circumstances which never become quite clear, someone he doesn’t know has married, rescued, robbed, raped, or murdered someone else he doesn’t know.”– C.S. Lewis

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Free Meditation Guide

When I first started meditating 2 years ago I wouldn’t have thought that it would have such a big effect on my life.

But it did.

Meditation allows you to:

  • Calm yourself down when needed.
  • Fall asleep much easier (and have quality sleep).
  • Slow down your average heart rate (reduce stress).

I’ve created a guide that teaches you to meditate from the beginning.

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Self-Acceptance & Self-Reflection

Self-acceptance is essential in gaining true freedom. Without self-acceptance, you will live a miserable life.

Naturally, doubtful people turn into determined people because they found out about the happiness that’s hidden in the sky. You just have to find it, and it starts with accepting yourself.

We tend to rather change ourselves than accept ourselves, for example, plastic surgery, fake social media lives, etc, you get the point.

We need to face challenges and resistance once in our life to be able to face life really.

If you feel like you’re a person that does this, try to face them more. Don’t run away from challenges and fight.

That’s it for today.

Enjoy your week 😉

– Bryan

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