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TDN #05: This is Why You Should Prioritise Your Mental Health

Self Care = Confidence 

That’s the philosophy I’m following right now. If you’re not caring about yourself, who will? 

Self-care starts with accepting yourself as who you are.

Gee Hair did a survey in the United Kingdom, which tells us that 55% of men think others do not like them, and 80% think they are unattractive. With women, this is 85%. Lacking confidence can really bother you in your daily life.

Social anxiety is something that comes hand in hand with this.

Get Yourself in a Healthy Body 

Often it’s caused by our appearance. So putting yourself in a healthy body can change a lot. This is a cliche, of course, happy body, happy mind — we know! But over the years, the value of this fact has decreased because of so many people using this as a quote.

When you speak about healthy bodies, people often refer to diets, which is not what I mean.

Even though conventional dieting may be successful for some people, the advantages are usually short-lived because the habits and causes of weight gain are not addressed.

Dieting is seldom enjoyable.

As a result, we consider it denial, a means to an end, and something we want to be over and done with as soon as we reach our goals.

Try to eat healthy food more often. What we consume has an impact on both our physical and emotional well-being. It is possible to feel better by fueling our bodies with the meals we need while avoiding the items that make us ill or lethargic. Our mood improves.

Self-Care by Women (Follow These Inspiring Women)

Did you know there’s a newsletter for Self Care? With all the inspiring women you need to know and follow. 

It’s called “The Newsette” and you can sign up for this free newsletter here.

Happy People = Happy You

You should meet people who make you happy, obvious ones, right? Not always. The people with whom you spend the majority of your time have a significant impact on your emotions, how you see the world, and the expectations you have of yourself.

When striving for greater levels of success, you must surround yourself with individuals that inspire you and push you to higher levels of achievement.

When you surround yourself with positive individuals, you are more likely to embrace powerful ideas and view life as something that happens to you rather than something that happens to them.

In the same way that you gain from surrounding yourself with individuals who make you happy, you suffer when those in your professional or social circles are negative or limited in their perspectives.

Always keep in mind that the people with whom you spend the majority of your time will shape who you ultimately become. It is not always easy, but it is well worth the effort.

Tweet of the Week

Toxic Productivity = Bad

Our society has been captured by a ghost. The ghost that I call: toxic productivity. One of the things that have been killing us for a while. 

Modern society has set a couple of standards that we’re afraid of breaking, as a collective: waking up early, being productive all day, conforming to beauty standards, and communication etiquette. 

Those things make me feel like I’m surviving instead of living. Productivity shouldn’t feel like being overwhelmed all day by emotions and incentives. It should feel great after completion. 

In the modern world, productivity is something to show off with. In the dark ages, nobody said: “Look at me, I woke up at 5 AM and I’m a productivity monster now.” 

The current trend of productivity nonsense is a product of what Marxists called Hyper-capitalism. Because of how innocent this trend might look at first, there’s a relationship between toxic productivity and burnout. 

You’ve just read the first page of my E-Book: Beating Toxic Productivity in a Hyper-capitalistic World: Transcend toxicity in your life”

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