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TDN #09: 3 Newsletters I’m Subscribed to

Are you subscribed to any newsletters?

There are so many newsletters out there. You’re even subscribed to mine! But which are the ones that stand out?

Let’s take a look at 3 newsletters that I would recommend you subscribe to.

1. The Koe Letter

You might know Dan Koe from Twitter.

As he states in his bio, he is “Pioneering the future of work through philosophy, curiosity, & the internet.”

And you’ll see that in his letters. They are quite long but contain so much valuable information to consume. I would really recommend you take a look at it.

1440 (Bonus)

Chances are that you are getting upset by the large amounts of misinformation and BS that’s been presented to you by the big networks.

I recently discovered 1440, a daily news briefing without a bias and that gets to the pointno political agenda, just news.

You can sign up for free using this link.

2. The Hustle

The first words you see on their website are “Get Smarter on Business and Tech”, so I believe that’s quite self-explanatory.

You can sign up for free here to receive daily inspiration on Business related content. I get a lot of ideas from these kinds of newsletters.

3. The Digital Writing Compass

Have you heard of Dickie Bush?

He has just below 300,000 followers on Twitter and writes about digital writing and how you can use the internet to make money writing. Leverage is an important keyword of his letters.

It’s a free newsletter that will get you new writing and content strategies in your mailbox every Monday.

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