Bryan Dijkhuizen

TDN #03: The Things I Learned From Being a Content Creator

Let me tell you a story about myself.

In 2013 I started making YouTube videos, and between then and 2017 I quit my channel multiple times.

In 2020 I found out I wanted to be a digital writer. I started publishing on Medium. 

I loved that people were reading my articles.

But whether it be blogging or making videos, I always loved creating things. Now I’m making money with it, and this is what it taught me about life.

1. Expressing 

You can express yourself in a great and free way.

There isn’t a day when I’m not writing something, could be a Tweet, could be an article, or a newsletter, it doesn’t matter.

You should try it.

2. Freedom

It gives you all the freedom in the world.

If you’re able to make money from something you love, and you can do it wherever you want, it’s going to be great. 

3. Connecting

You’re connecting with people that also love to do the thing you do.

Connecting with writers online is great. Helping each other out and sharing tips and tricks to grow together. It’s one of the most supportive communities out there.

4. You Shouldn’t Live for Work

I don’t like to get up early.

It’s killing my mood and it doesn’t make me a nicer person to see me drink my coffee at 7 a.m.

When you’re doing things for yourself, you decide when you get up and you don’t live for your job. You’re having a job to earn money, to survive. 

5. It’s Making Me Happy

Creating content, and building something make me happy. Genuinely.

My content is my baby and I won’t let go of it. It’s a hobby that has gotten out of hand and I will not see a day coming when I will lose my joy.

Inspiring other people is great. 

It feels good to help other people.

That’s it for today. 

Enjoy your weekend.

– Bryan

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