Bryan Dijkhuizen

Without pain, there are no gains

I only got conscious of life in 2018.

What I mean is that since around the age of 17/18, I started to think about politics, spirituality, business, and just about myself.

I had ​just moved out with my girlfriend​ to an entirely different city and had to think for myself now.

That changed me.

Imagine moving out for the first and living on your own (or with your girlfriend) and being able to do whatever you want.

That’s what freedom feels like.

Only 2 years later the COVID pandemic broke out and we were stuck at home. Schools were canceled and most public buildings as well.

We could only visit the grocery store.

And when you’re alone, at home, you think. You think a lot.

I started caring about my mental well-being because that didn’t go so well after being held from all social interactions for a couple of months.

​That introduced me to meditation.​ 🧘

I noticed many people on the internet getting more into this, and I found it fascinating.

Even now, I’m not an expert. I just do what I think is good and that is what works for me.

Just like ​the Wim Hof Method.​

Using a combination of breathing, cold treatment, and dedication, ​the Wim Hof Method​ helped me connect more intimately with my body.

I even bought ​his book.​ 📕

​In the book​, he explicitly described how to get healthier, avoid stress and become a better version of yourself by applying his techniques that have been scientifically proven to work for everyone.

It started with just meditation, but eventually, I got into the ​cold showers​ as well.

Mostly because I:

  • Had a lot of stress 🙀
  • Didn’t sleep well 😴
  • Wanted to improve my immune system 💉

And that’s what I did.

I made myself feel uncomfortable by taking cold showers every day and meditating when I could.

That made me calm and the stress got out a little.

Because that’s what’s needed to grow. Without pain, no gains, the gurus always tell you, but it’s kinda true.

If you want to change, you need to do the stuff you’re not doing right now.

So get up and do something!

Have a great week,

– Bryan Dijkhuizen

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