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5 Underrated Life Lessons For Men That You Keep Suppressing

I enjoy reading about other people’s experiences in life. Usually, you can relate to it in some way and learn from it.

A lot of those pieces of advice are about how they’ve succeeded in life or done something that miraculously changed their life. Those are quite generic and typically don’t work.

Even though some of them are underrated. Especially if you’re a male under 30 years old.

Here are 5 of them.

You’ll always want to keep improving

This is a cliche. Nor does this only apply to men. Women have this too but usually are aware of it.

Men get addicted to something much faster. Drugs, alcohol, gambling perhaps and even improving themselves. Addicted gym rats that won’t get home before midnight because they’re still trying to improve one exercise.

Those people didn’t get the note.

Because it’s impossible to get better all the time. If you’re good, you need to maintain yourself and don’t go further than you have to. You’ll break the machine then.

It’s not a bad habit but you should at least be aware that you’re going to improve for eternity. Stoicism has a bit of this as well in the sense of always aiming for a top-notch result but doesn’t expect it to happen.

This, is so that you’re never going to be disappointed about it.

You’re responsible for your own life

We were living surrounded by comfort. But as you have noticed, sometimes that comfort is taken away by something. That’s the moment you need to take care of yourself.

You should not want to hold up your hand. You want to be in control.

With that, comes responsibility. For yourself, for the ones around you, and for those you love. Relationships are often built upon trust and responsibility for each other.

Something that younger men don’t tend to have anymore these days.

Nobody’s going to take care of you if you don’t do it yourself. The good ol’days of wealthy societies are probably over and you need to be ready for it.

You’re not in control of everything

On the other hand, you don’t control every single bit of your life. That’s okay because you don’t care. One of the most beautiful Stoic thoughts about life is that you shouldn’t worry about the things you can’t control.

But the things you do control, master them and be in charge.

We’re so stressed these days about all sorts of things. I’m guilty as well, but the harsh truth is that we can’t control them all.

If someone decides to not like me, for example, that’s not something I can do anything about. I can only try to be the nicest person on earth, but usually, that isn’t something that works because that person has already decided for me.

So why worry about things like these?

Don’t be jealous because of wealth (or anything else)

I hate jealousy.

Especially if it is because of someone else’s wealth. Why are you complaining about other people’s success? Because you don’t have it.

I see other people and think about the possibilities of life. If he or she can do it, I can too. Jealousy is counterproductive and brings you nothing but grumpiness and negative thoughts.

Jealousy doesn’t make you successful. Hard work does.

Another example is the people that are yelling to tax the rich even harder. I get it, you don’t have money but taxing the rich doesn’t solve that. It’s not reaching you, the government will just take it.

One problem is companies that don’t pay taxes at all. But that’s all government-coordinated so you’re not going to change that.

Instead, make sure you’re earning a lot yourself. Make other people jealous.

Work isn’t everything guys

Working 24/7. Workaholics are everywhere and they’re not only men. Women can get pretty addicted to work as well.

But as said before, men are slightly more prone to addiction. That includes work (to become successful).

You shouldn’t overdo it. We’re not born to work, it’s a way to survive.

Wanting to work continuously sucks all the energy out of you and basically, kills your relationships as well. It’s not really fun to have a boyfriend or husband that’s constantly working.

Final thoughts

The key takeaways from these life lessons are that men should care a little more about their own mental health.

Men often ignore these things and really shouldn’t. Life is worth working on.

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