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Think Outside the Box: Breaking Free from Society’s Expectations

Last year I traveled with my sister. We went to visit Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. These are beautiful countries, and it was our first international travel together.

I had traveled before, but that was all planned.

This journey was a bit more spontaneous. We booked an Interrail pass to travel by train in Europe. We drew the outlines of the trip and booked our hotels but nothing more than that.

Many things could go wrong.

Like things could go wrong in your life. When we don’t plan our lives a little bit ahead, we’re going nowhere.

You need a destination.

What’s your purpose?

If I’d ask you now, what your purpose would be, would you have an answer?


It’s a given that most of us have it ready straight away. 90% of the people haven’t thought of that at all.

Most people live and do “what’s expected of them”.

That could be your best life. But in my case, it isn’t and I’d love to do something that I have to pursue and live towards. I can’t sit at a desk and do dumb work, I want to have an impact.

We’re living in a world where everything is possible. Thanks to the unlimited internet. We’ve got access to free knowledge and we can share ours with the entire world.

That wasn’t possible when our parents and grandparents were young. They don’t dare to dream about what’s possible besides their ‘standard life’.

Set Your Goals Now

I’m currently reading “Master Your Mindset” by Michael Pilarczyk. This book gives me all different kinds of insights about mindset and living your best life.

That could be anything.

‘Simple’ things like being healthy.

Or if you’re working 3/4 days a week, earning a modest income, and enjoying your life. Then that’s your best life.

But it all starts with setting goals. A target to work towards. Like we had during our journey if we didn’t know our destination we couldn’t pick a train.

By not setting goals, you will always end up in places you don’t want to be.

Take note of that, it’s very important that you realize that. It’s not some cliche that everybody at school tells you. Those words are fundamental for a successful life.

They don’t have to be big goals. Set smaller goals to set up your path.

For example, I want to become wealthier in 2023. That’s a pretty big goal. Let’s split that up into pieces.

Image by Author

Think Outside the Box of Society

During our lifetime, people say: “Think Outside the Box”.

But it’s a box that’s in another box, a prison even. That prison is society and it judges you for thinking outside the bigger box.

Image by Author

I see more and more people thinking outside that bigger box.

Starting to think for yourself is great. You might get scared by some inconvenient truths, but in the end, it will help you to grow.

“The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” — Muhammed Ali

One of the greatest boxers and sportsmen of all time must be right there.

If you don’t change the way you see the world, you’re not doing anything. Not for others, not for yourself, and your mind. Your mind needs constant education and creativity to stay healthy.

So many people go to the gym and work out.

We should do mind and brain workouts. Clean our thoughts Make them stronger and keep improving along the way.

Take Action

This is one of those inconvenient truths.

You’re the only one that’s able to take action, nobody’s going to do it for you. Whether that’s financial, physical, mental, or any other aspect of your life.

If you want to change (improve), do it.

No self-help book is going to change you more than your own mindset. It’s a way of thought that’s able to change.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

Here’s what you should do this week: write down (physical or digital) what your goals are for the next 30 days. That’s not a very big timespan, but long enough to achieve something you want.

This could be:

  • Reading a book
  • Writing everyday
  • Work out 2/3 times a week
  • Wake up at 5 a.m.
  • Don’t go to bed past 11 p.m.
  • Meditation
  • Cold showers

Anything you could think of.

Once you notice these small improvements you’re getting eager to scale. Scaling your goals to become big achievements like “getting fit”, or “becoming wealthier”.

But never forget the smaller steps between.

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